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When, indeed, the Holy Spirit saw that the human race was guided only with difficulty toward virtue, what did He do? The delight of melody He mingled with the doctrines so that by the pleasantness and softness of the sound heard we might receive without perceiving it the benefit of the words.

~ St. Basil the Great, Exegetic Homilies, Homily 10

“I shall never forget,” — recalls one observer, “how, once the hymns of praise (stikhera) were being sung. Father John had by that time almost finished vesting, so as to celebrate Divine Liturgy. Only the chasuble was not on him. Quickly, in a swift movement, more running than walking, he came out of the altar to the choir, joined the singers and began to sing together with them. He sang animatedly, with deep faith, himself acting as choirmaster, again stressing individual words and slowing the tempo where that was required by the logical meaning of what was being sung. Experienced singers instinctively guessed these words, this tempo and rhythm, and followed him with no small skill and animation. The singing, not very harmonious at first, quickly became melodious, strong, sonorous, mighty, animating, flowing over the whole church, wholly filling the hearts of those who were praying. It was touching to look at the singers at that moment. It was as if some holy early Christian family, with its father at the head, were singing, singing its victorious, holy and great hymns.”

~ from A Spiritual Portrait of St. John of Kronstadt, by Bishop Alexander Mileant

Welcome to the St. Romanos the Melodist Society!

The St. Romanos the Melodist Society produces and publishes English language music of the Russian Orthodox Church. This website is the online extension of A Church Singer's Companion, a project started in 1998 with the blessing of Metropolitan (then Archbishop) Laurus. Inspired by the Russian Sputnik Psalomshchika, the Companion is envisioned to contain the music necessary for every service a parish choir might need to sing, while staying simple enough so that any parish choir can sing it.

The St. Romanos Society produces music in both printed and recorded formats, and conducts seminars and workshops on the proper performance of that music. The Society is a sodality of Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, an English mission parish currently worshipping in Beltsville, Maryland.

To get started looking at music, click on one of the links to the left. In addition to the music for the Companion, there are a few more challenging settings mixed in, marked “difficult” or “very difficult”. Audio or video examples accompany some of the music. In addition, the Introduction provides valuable advice about proper church singing and related topics. And please help support us by clicking on “Support Our Work” to the left or going straight to the “Donate” button to leave a donation. 


02/28/14 Divine Liturgy - At the bottom of the Liturgy page there is a new Hierarchical section, now including Ton Despotin and the slow Eis Polla Eti Despota.
02/25/14 Matins - Great Doxology fixed
03/06/13 Occasional Services - the Wedding Prokeimenon
03/04/13 Divine Liturgy - Georgian Chant Cherubic Hymn
02/28/13 Occasional Services - There is a new page for Occasional Services, also known as services from the Book of Needs or Trebnik. To start, it has a list of Hymns to the Mother of God from all over the site, including seven that have not previously been uploaded.
02/26/13 Divine Liturgy - both sets of Beatitudes fixed
12/02/12 Divine Liturgy, Matins - Kontakia of the Resurrection for all tones can now be found in the appropriate places on both the Liturgy and Matins pages.
11/30/12 Divine Liturgy - A new Bulgarian chant "It is Truly Meet" is available. Another arrangement using the same melody is also available on the Divine Liturgy page.
11/24/12 Matins - Greek Chant To Thee, the Champion Leader
11/18/12 Divine Liturgy - Rostov melody Anaphora fixed
11/17/12 Divine Liturgy - "It is Truly Meet" set to Greek Chant, 8th Tone
10/26/12 Matins - simple Kievan Chant To Thee, the Champion Leader
06/29/11 Fixed Cycle - Troparion for Apostles Peter and Paul
06/09/11 Matins - The verse "We praise, we bless...", from the 8th Ode of the Canon, is now available in a set containing all tones
04/02/11 Paschal Cycle - Triodion "Lord I Have Cried" Stichera for the 5th Sunday of Lent
03/04/11 Paschal Cycle - Katavasia for the 3rd Sunday of Lent available
03/01/11 Paschal Cycle - The Doors of Repentance corrected
02/27/11 Liturgy - Sets of Alleluias and the Prokeimena for liturgy are available
02/21/11 Paschal Cycle - We are inaugurating the Paschal Cycle page with "Open unto Me the Doors of Repentance" and "By the Waters of Babylon"
02/12/11 Fixed Cycle - Katavasia for the Meeting of the Lord are available
01/10/11 Fixed Cycle - The kontakion for Theophany is available
12/31/10 Liturgy - Jerusalem melody Anaphora and Greek Chant "It is Truly Meet" are now available
12/27/10 Fixed Cycle - The Troparion and Kontakion for Christmas and the Lesser Doxology are available.
12/24/10 Fixed Cycle - The Irmoi and Zadostoinik (sung instead of "It is Truly Meet") for Christmas are now available
12/23/10 Fixed Cycle - A hymn for women of the Old Testament is available for the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers
11/30/10 Matins - New Greek Chant and Znamenny Chant sets of the Irmoi of the Mother of God are available
11/27/10 Matins - Moscow Chant "From my youth" available
10/27/10 Liturgy - Resurrectional Troparia have been added to the Liturgy page
10/21/10 Fixed Cycle - Material for the feast of the Optina Elders now available
08/26/10 Liturgy - Streletskaya Cherubic Hymn revised
08/26/10 Liturgy - New Znamenny Chant Trisagion available
08/13/10 Vespers - Psalm Verses to Lord, I Have Cried fixed


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